Getting Started

Learn how to manage your podcasts on Podcasts Connect and gain insight with Podcast Analytics.

Podcasts Connect Help

How to validate, submit, and manage your podcasts with Podcasts Connect.

Podcast Analytics Help

Learn how to use Podcast Analytics, a data visualization tool that gives you insight into how users are listening to your shows and episodes in Apple Podcasts.

Apple Podcasts Identity Guidelines

Official Apple assets and marketing best practices for podcasts.

Podcasts Promotional Artwork Guidelines

Guidelines and best practices for creating promotional artwork.

Podcasts Header Artwork Guidelines

Guidelines and best practices for creating header artwork.

Reading and Interpreting Server Requests for Podcast Reporting

How to interpret server logs to identify user downloads and streams.

Podcasts Authoring Best Practices

Best practices on compression formats, bit rates, and optimal signal levels.

Podcasts Marketing Best Practices

Marketing fundamentals, visual presentation, audience development, tools and resources, as well as common mistakes.