April 2019

Optimize your show’s metadata, best practices for episode numbering, and resubmit RSS feeds in Podcasts Connect.
Learn about product packaging to optimize your show's metadata, separate episode numbers from the title as a best practice, and resubmit your rejected RSS feeds.  

February 2019

Refreshing podcasts video tutorial.
Watch the new video tutorial on how to refresh your podcasts.

January 2019

Download Podcast Analytics data and introduce your listeners to Siri.
Podcast Analytics now offers the option to download your show and episode data. Siri can help listeners find and subscribe to your show in Apple Podcasts, so spread the word on your website, in your newsletter, and wherever else you communicate with your audience

December 2018

Updates to review status in My Podcasts and Apple Podcasts Holiday submission schedule.
More detailed reasons for show rejections are now included in My Podcasts. Podcasts submitted between December 21, 2018 and January 2, 2019 should anticipate additional review time.

November 2018

Site Manager reporting and Holiday submission schedule.
We are investigating reports of steep consumption declines in Site Manager reporting. We've also released a Holiday submission schedule to help you plan your submissions accordingly. 

September 2018

Marketing and Authoring Best Practices.
Find out what it takes to grow your audience. Apple Podcasts Marketing Best Practices offers tips and tools used by big-name shows and indies alike. Help your podcast sound its best on HomePod and on Apple Podcasts with our new Podcasts Authoring Best Practices.  
Apple Podcasts app for watchOS 5 and WWDC Apple Podcasts session.
Coming this fall, listeners can stream any podcast using Siri and play their favorite podcasts on Apple Watch Series 3 using Apple Podcasts app. Watch the Apple Podcasts session from WWDC 2018 to learn more about updates to the Apple Podcasts app for iOS 12. 

July 2018

Access Podcast Analytics, Best practices, and Secure RSS feed.
Access Podcasts Analytics Beta to understand listener engagement, distribution, content performance, and more. Review our best practices to improve the discoverability of your shows. A secure podcast feed with an SSL certificate will be required in the future.

December 2017

Introducing Podcast Analytics Beta.
Podcast Analytics is a data visualization tool that gives you insight into how users are listening to your shows and episodes in Apple Podcasts.
Holiday submission timeline and updates to the Apple Podcasts Specification.
Podcasts submitted between December 20, 2017 and January 3, 2018 should anticipate additional review time. As a reminder, we've updated the Apple Podcasts specification to support new features in iOS 11.

August 2017

iTunes U Collections Migrating to Apple Podcasts
Starting in September, iTunes U collections will be automatically migrated to Apple Podcasts.
Updates to Apple Podcasts Specification.
We've updated the Apple Podcasts specification to support new features in iOS 11.

April 2017

iTunes Podcasts is now Apple Podcasts.
Find the new Apple Podcasts badges, marketing guidance, and how to update your RSS feed URL.
Scheduled maintenance on April 22, 2017.
Starting at 7:00 a.m., some services will be unavailable for up to eight hours.

November 2016

Holiday support schedule, App Store content disputes, and the iTunes Affiliate Program.
To prepare for the winter season, we're adjusting our deadlines for Podcast submissions. We've also added information about App Store content disputes and our Affiliate Program.

July 2016

Twitter best practices, HTTPS support, and server setup.
We've put together a few best practices for marketing your podcast on Twitter. Engage with your audience by including links and using mentions to create conversation.

February 2016

Improved email support for podcast providers, HTTPS support for episodes.
We've improved our email support for podcast providers to make for a better, helpful experience for partners. We've also added support for HTTPS for podcast episodes, artwork files, and XML.

January 2016

Podcasts app now available on Apple TV.
You can find the podcasts app available now on Apple TV. We recommend artwork of 3000 x 3000 JPG or PNG in the RGB colorspace for optimal viewing on Apple TV.