iTunes Store Package TV Specification and iTunes Connect Updates

Here are a few updates that will help you manage your TV content.

iTunes Store Package TV Specification 5.3.2
The textless master attribute (attribute name="image.textless_master) is now required for all videos. Allowed values are true or false. If your video contains burned-in text set the "image.textless_master"attribute to false and deliver additional attributes to indicate the language in which the burned-in text appears. For burned-in narrative use attribute name="image.burned_forced_narrative.locale". For burned-in subtitles use attribute name="image.burned_subtitles.locale". You will see a warning in Transporter if the tag is not provided. We recommend including the tag as soon as possible. For more information, review the iTunes Store Package TV Specification.

Production Stills and Preview Frames
You can now view your production stills in iTunes Connect. Production stills can be supplied through XML. If you do not supply a production image, the preview keyframe will be displayed instead. To view the image, navigate to the metadata tab of an episode. 

EIDR Search
Entertainment Identifier Registry (EIDR) has been added as a field to the search options for an episode.