New Total Bonus Episode field and clarification for specially priced episodes.

We’ve recently added the following new features and updates for your TV content:

Total Bonus Episodes field
A new bonus episodes field has been added to iTunes Connect. When creating a new TV season, you should continue to exclude bonus materials from the Total Episodes field. Instead, input the number of bonus episodes into the new Total Bonus Episodes field.

Episodes at Launch should also include the number of bonus episodes for both currently airing and library seasons. Once you add the bonus episodes value, you will not be able to edit the field. If the field needs to be updated, please submit a Contact Us ticket.

As a reminder, if you are clearing a season in multiple territories, both the Total Episodes field and the Total Bonus Episodes field must match across all territories. If either count is different, a new season should be created in that territory.

Clarification on Free or Specially Priced Episodes
For episodes that will be free or specially priced, you do not need to set <cleared_for_sale> to false in the XML or iTunes Connect. The field should always be set to true when creating the episode in iTunes Connect or when delivering through Transporter. Make sure to send all forms to your business representative in a timely manner.