Whom do I contact if my legal entity name changes?

Legal Entity name changes or other updates affecting the legal agreement signed between your entity and Apple must be addressed by our legal department. If your name has changed, but your legal entity name has not, we do not require any further action. If your legal entity name has changed, your current contract is still effective, but you’ll need to notify us of the name change.

Note: Legal Entity name changes should not result in a new Tax ID being issued to your entity.

What steps should I take if my legal entity has been acquired/merged with another legal entity?

If both legal entities currently have contracts with iTunes, and both have rights to sell content on iTunes, you do not need to take any further action.

If content for both entities should be managed by one entity, the managing entity will need an iTunes agreement. If the managing entity is not currently selling content on iTunes, it will need to apply for an iTunes agreement. If the managing label already has an iTunes agreement, all of the acquired/merged entity’s titles should be re-delivered under the managing entity. iTunes does not support "switching" titles delivered under one legal entity’s account to the account of a different legal entity; the way to accomplish that is through re-delivery.

What steps should I take if my Doing Business As (DBA) name has changed?

Your iTunes agreement should be entered into under your Legal Entity name, not your DBA name. Unless your Legal Entity name has changed, a DBA name change actually has no impact on your iTunes agreements.

If this DBA name change affects your tax forms, contact us to update your forms.

What steps do I take if my entity has reorganized?

If you wish to reassign your contracts to a different entity, you must contact our legal department to request a Consent of Assignment agreement.

How do I update my mailing address for my legal entity?

If you have had a change of mailing address after your contracts with Apple have been processed, you will need to contact the iTunes legal team with your new address information so that it can be properly updated.

When entering my legal entity address to request a new contract, iTunes Connect showed a message indicating that my address was updated. I can't see any updates. Why?

iTunes Connect verifies your legal entity address and makes updates as needed. If your address information is valid, these updates are generally details such as conforming street designation (Dr for drive and St for street).

I get an error that says the Legal Entity Name and/or Tax ID for my United States/Canada contract does not match what was provided in my application. Why?

The Legal Entity Name and Tax ID on your United States/Canada contract must match what you provided on your application exactly.

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