What does Apple do with my contact information?

Apple collects contact information for users in the following categories: Senior Management, Finance, Technical, Legal, or Promotions. Contact information may be used by iTunes to contact specific users regarding any potential issues affecting their area of interest or promotional opportunities.

When can we begin uploading content?

You can begin encoding and uploading content as soon as you have agreed to one or more contracts in Agreements, Tax, and Banking. To begin encoding and uploading your content, you will need to download iTunes Producer from Resources and Help.

NOTE: Once content has been uploaded, it must clear the quality assurance review (which can take up to 30 days). You can check the status of a particular piece of content by viewing the Status column in My Music, My Movies, My TV Shows, My Music Videos, or My eCopy. Your content will only appear on the iTunes Store once it has completed the quality assurance process and your contract for that territory is In Effect. This is indicated by your contract appearing in the Contracts In Effect section of Agreements, Tax, and Banking.

My movie title(s) are available in some countries' or regions' stores, but not in others. What's wrong?

In order for your titles to appear on the iTunes Store, you must have (i) an In Effect contract for that territory, along with any required banking, tax, and contact information and (ii) your titles must have territory rights assigned for that specific country or region. You can view the status of your contracts and request contracts for additional territories on iTunes Connect through Agreements, Tax, and Banking. You can view your territory rights for multiple items by requesting a report of your content using Catalog Reports, and for single items using My Movies. To add rights for a territory, access your titles in My Movies.

How can I check the status of my contract?

You can check the status of your contract(s) in Agreements, Tax, and Banking of iTunes Connect. Contracts that are in process will appear in the "Contracts In Process" section. In order to sell your titles in a given territory, the contract covering that territory must have completed contact, bank, and tax information. To enter the required contact, bank and tax information, click the blue "Set Up" buttons for each contract. Once you have provided all required information for a contract, the contract should be processed and moved to the Contracts In Effect section, generally within 24 hours.

Note: Even though your contract is in effect, hard copies of certain tax forms (e.g. the U.S. tax form W-8BEN) may still be required. Your tax information is not complete until we have received originals of the applicable forms that are accurately completed. Until they are received, payments to you for proceeds of the sale of your titles may be withheld at maximum rates. The length of time to complete this process depends on the accuracy of the information provided. For Japan, delays can occur clearing the tax forms with the Japanese Tax Authority.

How do I edit a contact for my company?

Once you have created a contact for your company, you may not edit the contact information associated with that contact. To change the contact information for a contact, you must create a new contact with the correct information in Agreements, Tax, and Banking on iTunes Connect.

What happens if my current contracts expire?

If you fail to sign new iTunes agreements when your current contracts expire, all content on the iTunes Store(s) corresponding to the expired contract territories will become unavailable. In order to make your content available on those iTunes Stores, you will need to request a new contract in Agreements, Tax, and Banking. If all your current iTunes agreements expire without being renewed, you will lose access to the majority of iTunes Connect.

Do new contracts need to be submitted if our label now delivers content through a third party/aggregator?

If your titles have been re-delivered through a third party/aggregator’s account, you do not need to submit any new contracts.

Note: Though your titles will stay on iTunes, the financial relationship will be between iTunes and your aggregator.

How can I enter into the latest contracts?

You can request contracts in Agreements, Tax, and Banking on iTunes Connect.

In the Request Contracts section at the top of the page, select the correct Legal Entity from the drop-down and click Request for the appropriate contract region. If you need to add a new legal entity, you may do so by clicking the "Add New Legal Entity" button. If it has been more than 30 minutes since you signed in to iTunes Connect, you will be prompted to verify your identity again via two-factor authentication.

You are now able to review and agree to contracts directly from iTunes Connect. Once you have checked the box indicating that you have read and agree to the contract, click submit. A copy of the contract in PDF format will be sent to the email address associated with the Apple ID you logged in to iTunes Connect with.

Note: You no longer need to sign and mail hard copies to Apple. This PDF is for your records.

How will I know when my contract for a new territory or content type is complete?

You can check the status of your contract(s) in Agreements, Tax, and Banking of iTunes Connect.

Contracts that have completed setup will appear in the "Contracts In Effect" section near the bottom of the page. If a contract is not yet in effect, the status will indicate what steps are still pending. Note that you must provide Contact, Bank, and Tax Info indicated with the blue "Set Up" button before your contract will be in effect.

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