What are territory exclusions?

Territory exclusions allow you to exclude certain audio and subtitle components from appearing on the iTunes Store for specific territories.

How do I customize my product page in the iTunes Film store?

Customizations for Films can be uploaded in iTunes Connect on the Custom tab.

What is interval pricing?

Pricing Intervals allow you to change your films pricing over time. This is useful for sales and other temporary pricing changes that have a definite beginning and end date, as well as permanent pricing changes that have no end. Pricing Intervals can be updated in iTunes Connect or via XML.

How do I know which components are live in a particular territory?

The Component List on the Rights and Pricing tab will display the approved components for each territory. In Review or Rejected components will not be available on the storefront.

How do I deliver territory exclusions?

Component Exclusions are delivered via XML. For more information on the iTunes XML specifications, see the iTunes Film Package Specification guide available on iTunes Connect.

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