What are promo codes?

Promo codes provide free copies of your movie for promotional or publicity purposes. Recipients can redeem promo codes on the iTunes Store for a free Electronic Sell Through (EST) copy of your movie in the territory where the promo code was requested.

Promo codes aren't available for Video on Demand (VOD) movies.

Do promo codes provide the HD or SD version of a movie?

The device on which the movie is downloaded determines whether the movie will be provided in HD or SD. For example, with an iPhone, a user will get the SD version of that movie. On an Apple TV or Mac, the user will get the HD version, if available.

How do I get promo codes for a movie?

A user with the Legal or Admin role must enter into a separate Promo Code agreement to request promo codes for a movie. A maximum of 50 promo codes per title can be requested. Promo codes are valid for four weeks from the date they are requested.

To request promo codes, locate the movie in My Movies and click Promo Codes. Enter the number of codes you would like to request and click Continue. After reading the contract, check the box to agree to the terms and click Continue. After agreeing to the contract terms, click Download to download the promo codes.

The amount of requested promo codes will be deducted from the 50 codes allotted for the movie. If the requested codes are not redeemed within four weeks, they will expire. Expired promo codes cannot be recovered or requested again.

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