How do I edit pricing and clearances?

To edit pricing and clearances:

  1. Go to My Movies.
  2. Search for the movie you want to edit.
  3. Click Rights and Pricing.
  4. To update existing territories, click Edit. To add a new territory, click Add New Territory.
  5. Click Save after making changes.

Note: It can take up to 24 hours for changes made on iTunes Connect to show up on the iTunes Store.

Why isn’t my movie available in HD?

Make sure your agreement allows you to offer movies in HD. You can check your agreement in Agreements, Tax, and Banking. Also, turn on Enable EST HD in Rights and Pricing. Finally, you must deliver HD assets with 5.1 audio tracks.

Why isn’t the territory I want to add available on iTunes Connect?

If you don't see a certain territory, check your agreement in Agreements, Tax, and Banking.

Why isn’t the wholesale price tier that I'm looking for available in iTunes Connect?

The options available in the Wholesale Price Tier menu are pre-determined by your contract.

How do I remove a film from the iTunes Store?

Use the following steps to remove a movie from the iTunes Store.

  1. Go to the Details and Pricing page of the movie you want to remove in My Movies
  2. Select the Rights and Pricing tab
  3. Click Edit for the territory from which you want to remove the movie
  4. Set the movie as not cleared for sale and not cleared for VOD
  5. Click Save

Once your changes are saved, the title will no longer be available for purchase or rent. It can take up to 48 hours for the title to stop being displayed in the store.

Why don't I see the test codes in the Digital Copy file for the region that I am trying to download?

Make sure that the territory clearances for the region have either been set up on the film’s Rights and Pricing tab in iTunes Connect or delivered using Transporter. Also verify that the Second Session contract is active for this region.

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