Localized cast and crew, Phonetic Title for Japanese, and iTunes Extras Spec updates.

October 4, 2018

We have the following updates for your movie content:

Localized Cast and Crew
You can now see localized cast and crew in iTunes Connect if sent through Transporter. The provided localizations will be displayed on the Localized Metadata tab under the corresponding language.

Phonetic Title for Japan
You can now add and edit a Phonetic Title for Japan in iTunes Connect. The Phonetic Title can be added through the Localized Metadata tab or the Worldwide Metadata tab depending on your primary metadata language. 

Note that Phonetic Title is required when providing a Japanese title. As a reminder, all deliveries without a Phonetic Title will be blocked in Transporter starting January 1, 2019.

iTunes Extras Specification 5.2.9
Dolby Atmos audio source can be delivered with iTunes Extras. Atmos can also be delivered for video backgrounds. See iTunes Extras Metadata Example for a complete example of how to provide Dolby Atmos audio. For audio file requirements, see Dolby Atmos Audio Source Asset Requirements.

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