Dolby Atmos, Minimum Storefront Requirements, and other movie updates.

September 14, 2018

We have the following announcements and updates for your movie content:

Dolby Atmos Audio
You can now deliver Dolby Atmos audio source for a film. To deliver Atmos audio, a new role has been added for use with the `<asset> block: audio.object_based`. The locale of the Atmos audio must match the locale of the 2.0 audio file delivered to the same movie. See Basic Film Metadata Example and Multiple-Language Film Metadata Example for complete examples of how to provide Dolby Atmos audio in the metadata. For audio file requirements, see Dolby Atmos Audio Source Profile in the Video and Audio Asset Guide.

Minimum Storefront Requirements Update
The following changes have been made to the MSR for features and previews:

Country/Region Required Language Component
Austria German (de, de-DE, de-LU, de-AT, de-LI, de-BE, and de-IT)
Germany German (de, de-DE, de-LU, de-AT, de-LI, de-BE, and de-IT)
France Parisian French (fr-FR) or OSL Canadian French (fr-CA)*
Latin America & Mexico Latin American Spanish (es-419) or Mexican Spanish (es-MX) or OSL Spanish (es-**)*
Spain Castilian Spanish (es-ES) or OSL Spanish (es-**)*

*Note: the minimum storefront requirement can be fulfilled in a territory if the both the Original Spoken Locale (OSL) language and audio is provided in the specified language.

iTunes Multiple Language Support Update
The bundle logic has been updated to now include 5.1 audio for all languages supported for Canada, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Macau, Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan. Refer to the iTunes Salable Files section for more information. 

Phonetic Title for Japan Reminder
As a reminder, the phonetic title is required when a Japanese title is provided. Starting January 1, 2019, all deliveries will be blocked in Transporter if not provided. 

Transporter 1.12
With Transporter 1.12, you can now use lookup artist mode to search for movie cast and crew. To lookup a movie artist, use the new option -artistType and Movie. It returns the artist’s name, Apple ID, artist type, genre, and the iTunes Store URL, if available. You can also see name localizations, recent titles and the roles the artist had in those titles.

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