Updates to iTunes Package Film Spec, iTunes Extras Package Spec, and other movie updates.

July 13, 2018

The iTunes Package Film Specification contains the following updates:

Arabic and Hebrew Subtitles 
Right-to-left subtitles are now supported for Arabic and Hebrew. 

4K Availability Reminder 
To ensure that your film will be badged as 4K video on the iTunes Store during the preorder period, the date delivered with the <available_for_4k_date> tag should match the preorder date delivered with the <preorder_sales_start_date> tag.

The iTunes Extras Package Specification contains the following updates:

4K HDR Video 
You can now deliver 4K and/or HDR for iTunes Extras. For full requirements, see HDR Delivery in the Package Film Specification as well as Film HDR Source Profile and 4K Source Profile in the Video Asset Guide.

Background Images Requirement
The minimum sizes for background images for Apple TV and 4K-4:3 have changed. The new minimum image asset requirements are:

  • 3840 x 2160 pixels for Apple TV
  • 2732 x 2048 for 4K-4:3

iTunes Multiple Language Support Update 
You can now deliver French audio for the Canada bundle in 5.1 audio. The 5.1 French audio will be available as an iTunes Salable file.

4K Availability in iTunes Connect 
You can now set an available date for 4K and/or HDR in iTunes Connect. The new field is available on the Rights and Pricing tab of a given territory.

The following fields have been added to the Film Pricing Catalog Report in iTunes Connect:

  • EIDR
  • Pre-order Live Date
  • Pre-order Live Status

Brazil Ratings Reminder 
As a reminder, we will no longer support the rating of ER (L) as of August 1, 2018 in Brazil. Titles will not be removed from the iTunes Store, but make sure you update your internal systems by August 1, 2018.

Minimum Storefront Requirements Reminder 
Starting September 10, 2018, movie deliveries for Austria will be required to have audio or subtitles in one of the following locales. Note that both the feature and trailer will be required to contain audio or subtitles.

  • de-DE
  • de-LU
  • de-AT
  • de-LI
  • de-BE
  • de-IT

As a reminder, the following countries must include at least one of the corresponding audio or subtitle components delivered to the feature and trailer. Note that Japan and Thailand have additional requirements of localized poster art, title, and synopsis.

Country Required Language Component
Japan Japanese
Thailand Thai
Bahrain Arabic
Egypt Arabic
Jordan Arabic
Lebanon Arabic
Oman Arabic
Qatar Arabic
Saudi Arabia Arabic
United Arab Emirates Arabic


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