Updates to iTunes Package Film Spec and new Artwork Spec.

May 16, 2019

We have the following updates for your movie content:

  • Artwork Update
  • New SDR Delivery Options
  • Dolby Vision HDR Only Delivery
  • Dolby Atmos Downmix
  • CBFC Certificate Attribute

Artwork Update

You can now deliver 16:9 poster art using <asset type="artwork_16:9">. In addition, you can deliver tall and wide backdrop art as well as single or full-color logos. The artwork should be delivered in an asset block using one of the following types:

Artwork Types Allowed Formats Tag Specifications
artwork_16:9 LSR (.lsr)
PNG (.png)
Requires territory and locale
backdrop_tall PNG (.png)

Requires territory, locale is not supported

backdrop_wide PNG (.png)

Requires territory, locale is not supported

single_color_content_logo PNG (.png)

Requires locale, territory is not supported

full_color_content_logo PNG (.png)

Requires locale, territory is not supported

We recommend including a locale tag for poster art as it will become required in the near future. Note that for Russia and Turkey poster art, it is a requirement to include a locale. 

See the new Art Specifications guide for more details and Film Specification for XML delivery.

New SDR Delivery Options

SDR source and audio can be delivered as separate components. Audio is no longer required to be embedded in the source video. All deliveries must follow these rules:

  • A new package delivery must include both video and audio components.
  • Every package must have a primary audio source. This primary audio source must include the stereo mix as it is the base requirement.
  • SDR-embedded audio will remain the default source for primary audio. Any other source, either from a separate audio file or from embedded HDR audio, should be tagged as primary audio in the delivery XML.
  • A package can have only one primary audio (default embedded SDR audio or another audio source). This primary audio should align with the primary audio locale you want for the package.

Dolby Vision HDR-Only Delivery

It is no longer required to deliver an SDR video when delivering Dolby Vision HDR video. To deliver a Dolby Vision-only package, you must use the attribute that indicates you want the HDR video to be down-converted to SDR:

<attribute name="video.hdr.force_sdr_downconvert">true< /attribute>

In addition, if the Dolby Vision video has embedded 5.1 and stereo audio, it is also recommended that you indicate use <attribute name="primary_audio">true< /attribute> to indicate it is the primary audio source of the package.

Dolby Atmos Downmix

If you deliver a Dolby Atmos audio file, you can now specify that Apple should downmix this audio to other formats. This allows you to deliver a single Atmos audio file and derive all of the other formats (7.1, 5.1, and stereo). You use the following attributes on the Dolby Atmos source audio:



CBFC Certificate Attribute

A CBFC certificate is required for all movies sold in India. If the certificate has been stitched into the video, CBFC certificate is required for all movies sold in India. If the certificate has been stitched into the video, you can use a new tag of <attribute name="image.inline_regulatory_certification.cbfc">true< /attribute> to indicate when this is included.

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