Compressor 4.4.5 is now available.

October 16, 2019

Compressor 4.4.5 is now available with in-place audio retagging. The recently released macOS Catalina only supports 64-bit applications. As a result, 32-bit applications like QuickTime Pro 7 will no longer function in Catalina. Compressor 4.4.5 has added the ability to set the audio tagging of QuickTime movies for delivery to Apple via its command-line interface. You can use the command -⁠relabelaudiotracks followed by the channels you wish to tag. In addition, this audio tagging can be done to QuickTime files in-place, greatly speeding up the process.

The supported values for audio tagging are:

L : Left
R : Right
C : Center
LFE : LFE screen
Ls : Left surround
Rs : Right surround
Lc : Left center
Rc : Right center
Rls : Rear surround left
Rrs : Rear surround right
Lt : Left total
Rt : Right total
LtRt : Matrix stereo (Lt Rt)
stereo : Stereo (L R)

Compressor can also rename audio track titles to match audio tagging with the -⁠renametrackswithlayouts command (available on mac OS Catalina only). Compressor can also save to a new file by adding -⁠locationpath to the command. For more information see the command line help in Compressor:

/Applications/ -help

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