Updates for iTunes Package Film Specification 5.3.3

August 13, 2020

The iTunes Package Film Specification has been updated to include a new method of delivering a CBFC certificate for films for sale in India. The certificate can now be delivered as a separate image file with the <data_file role=“card"> tag. An additional tag of <attribute name="subtype">certificate</attribute> must also be supplied. The certificate must be delivered as a .jpg file with a minimum dimension of 640 x 480 pixels. The images should only include active pixels and should not be upscaled to create larger images that are pixelated. 

You can alternatively stitch the certificate into the video source by providing the existing attribute tag <attribute name="image.inline_regulatory_certification.cbfc">true</attribute>. 

These new delivery options are available for existing and new videos. With this update, the certificate should no longer be included on the poster art.

In addition to the above, Dolby Vision CM 4.0 sidecar metadata files are now supported. This new version provides an improved tone curve, updated trims, additional 6-vector trims for saturation and hue, and new adjustments for mid tones.

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