Updates to the Film Specification, Movies User Guide and Movies Style Guide.

March 24, 2016

iTunes Package Film Specification 5.2.9
The following updates have been added to the iTunes Package Film Specification:

  • Requirements for localized synopsis and title. If you are supplying localized movie metadata, you must localize the <synopsis> of the movie as well as the <title>. If you don't supply this metadata, you will see a warning in Transporter.
  • Component Previews Clarification. When you deliver a multiple-language preview, you can include a forced subtitles file along with either one subtitles file or one audio for each territory. The forced subtitles file doesn’t count toward the subtitles or audio file limit.
  • Updated Minimum Storefront Requirements. We've added Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan as new regions with minimum requirements, clarified requirements for Turkey, and included requirements for Preview assets, such as trailers and clips. We've also made updates to the Movies Style Guide, which includes detailed information on requirements for metadata and artwork.

iTunes Connect Movies User Guide
The Movies User Guide has been revised to make it easier to find instructions on how to prepare your content for delivery (including a QC checklist), manage updates on iTunes Connect, and show you a clear overview of our delivery timelines.

iTunes Store Movies Style Guide
The Movies Style Guide has been updated with the following changes:

  • Clarification on when to provide localized chapter titles
  • Adjustment to examples provided for formatting titles
  • Extending our preference for receiving closed captions
  • Adding specificity to our MLF best practices

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