Territory Exclusions and Film Previews.

November 12, 2015

Territory Exclusion End Dates
Territory exclusions allow you to exclude assets from particular territories. If you choose to use these exclusions, you can now indicate when the exclusion should end by adding the end date to the tag.

<territory_exclusion end_date=“2013-02-02">MX</territory_exclusion>

On the specified date, the asset will be made available for the territory.

Find more details about territory exclusions and view Multiple Language metadata examples in the iTunes Package Film Specification.

Preview Clipping
Film previews can now be defined by clipping a continuous segment of a film's video and audio. These previews can be used for territories for which you have not created a custom preview. Use the new <preview> tag and specify the territory for the preview, the timecode format, and the start and end times of the clip.

        <preview territory="ES" timecode_format="qt_text" start_time="00:24:26" end_time="00:27:44"/>

The created clip will contain all the audio and subtitle files that are available on the Feature in that territory.

Note that theatrical previews should be delivered where available and are strongly preferred over clips.

Find a metadata example, as well as more information about requirements and considerations when defining a metadata-based preview in the Multiple Language Film Profile section of the iTunes Package Film Specification.

Multiple-language Previews
Custom previews, such as Theatrical Trailers, can now have a single subtitle or audio file added per territory. A single textless video file can be used in one territory accompanied by one subtitle file, and then used again in another territory with another subtitle file.

This reduces the need for burning-in full subtitles, and may reduce the number of preview videos that need to be created.

Find more information about multiple-language previews in the iTunes Package Film Specification.

Transporter 1.8.7
The new Transporter 1.8.7 allows you to request metadata lookup for multiple Apple IDs or vendor IDs at a time. Use lookupMetadata mode with a comma-separated list of Apple IDs (-apple_ids) or vendor IDs (-vendor_ids).

Download the latest version of Transporter from the Tools section. Note that you must be signed in to iTunes Connect to download Transporter.

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