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January 6, 2017

We recently added the following new features and updates to movies delivered to the iTunes Store:

iTunes Connect Quality Control Actions Status Bar

The Quality Control Actions bar in My Movies is now collapsed. To see titles that have been QC rejected or need Extras Approval, click Expand to see a list of titles. For a full list of titles that require action, click See All within the status bar.

Film Pricing Catalog Report

The film pricing report has been updated to display as a four-digit year instead of a two-digit year. The date format is now MM/DD/YYYY. You can see this change in every column where a date is presented. To download a film pricing report or any other report, go to Catalog Reports under My Movies.

Updates to iTunes Multiple Language Support Guidelines

You can now deliver Original Version audio for the Russia bundle in 5.1 audio. The 5.1 original version audio will be available as an iTunes Salable File.

There are now country-specific bundles for Chile, Argentina, and Colombia. For more information, please see the iTunes Multiple Language Support Guidelines.

New Art Videos

In order to help ensure you’re creating the best art, two videos have been added to Resources and Help. The first video will help you create fullscreen art in order to showcase your background art on the Apple TV. The second will show you how to create LSR poster artwork utilizing a parallax effect for the Apple TV. You can find these under the Videos section of Resources and Help.

Locales for Video Source

As a reminder, make sure you are including a locale when delivering a video source using <data_file role="source”>. If you do not include a locale, your packages will be blocked from delivery in Transporter.

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