Updates to iTunes Package Film Specification and Video and Audio Asset Guide.

July 12, 2017

We’ve updated the iTunes Package Film Specification and the iTunes Video and Audio Asset Guide. The new versions include the following updates:

Audio Description
You can now deliver Audio Description (AD) files in 5.1 surround audio, in addition to 2.0.

Dub Card Crop Dimensions
Previously, crop dimensions from the feature were applied to the dub card video. Now, if you deliver a dub card video with a resolution that does not match the resolution of the full source video, you must supply different crop dimension attributes for dub cards.

Preview Lengths
A movie preview should not exceed 10 minutes in length. If you deliver a preview longer than 10 minutes, you will be blocked in Transporter.

Preview Images in Defined Previews
If you provide defined previews (clips from the feature), you are now required to also provide a preview image time using the image_time attribute.

Art Requirements
As previously mentioned, dimensions for movie poster art will be increasing as of August 1. Movie poster art must have a minimum dimension of 2000 x 3000.

Audio Channels and Levels
To normalize audio playback across all devices, you can specify audio levels and channel assignments for music, sound effects, and dialogue to provide a consistent customer experience.

Cast and Crew in Concert Films
You can now add metadata to supply information on cast and crew members in a concert film.

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