Am I required to upload Australian tax documentation?

If you are registered and/or based in Australia, you must upload a copy of your ABN and GST registration. Failure to upload these tax documents will prevent us from paying you for sales made in Australia. If you are not based in Australia, nor registered for GST in Australia, you are not required to upload a copy of your ABN or complete any other Australian tax documentation.

What is an ABN and do I need one?

ABN stands for Australian Business Number. We ask for an ABN on the Australia/New Zealand agreement, however, it is only required for labels located in Australia. You can find more information about the ABN on this website:

Can I email you my ABN number?

No. We do not accept ABN numbers via email. You can either obtain a screenshot from or provide a scanned copy of your Australian Business Register. You must upload the electronic evidence of your ABN (either a PDF or JPEG image) within Agreements, Tax, and Banking.

What are the withholding tax rates for Australia and New Zealand?

Withholding tax rates for Australia are available on the Australia Taxation Office website. Proceeds from sales in New Zealand are also subject to applicable Australian withholding tax rates.


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