How do I measure my artist’s performance?

Success means something different for every artist. Knowing how to read your artists’ analytics can help you decide what specific areas to focus on.

KPIs for Plays, Avg. Daily Listeners, Song Purchases, and Shazams

We measure your artists’ music’s performance in the following categories:

  • Plays are recorded when a user initiates song playback in Apple Music for more than 30 seconds. We provide a holistic view of all Plays, including Plays from Apple Music radio stations. Apple Music radio stations are created when a user picks a song or an artist to generate a custom radio station, or from an Apple Music curated radio station.
  • Average Daily Listeners are the average number of daily unique listeners in the time frame selected.
  • Purchases are recorded when a customer buys your artist’s song or album from the iTunes Store.
  • Shazams are recorded anytime your artist’s song is recognized by the Shazam app, or one of the partner apps that use Shazam technology.
  • Video Views are recorded when an Apple Music user watches your artist’s music video for more than 30 seconds.

Apple Music for Artists is intended to provide performance-level data about all music in which your artist is listed as a primary artist. We measure analytics for the following types of content:

  • Songs include the total plays of a song, including every album and compilation it was released on.
  • Albums include any album, EP, or individually released single.
  • Playlists include any Apple Music editorial playlist.
  • Videos include any music video uploaded to Apple Music.

How do I view listener data geographically?

The Places tab shows you where your listeners are by city, state, country or region. Apply filters to help track the popularity of new releases for your artists, understand consumer demographic behavioral trends, and get an idea of where in the world your artist’s music resonates.

Learn about your global impact.

How do I view listener trends in the Apple Music for Artists partner view?

The Trends tab helps you uncover insights about your artist’s music’s performance. Compare analytics based on the actions your artist’s listeners take, and use different filters to learn details about their gender, age, location, and the songs they connect with the most.

Learn about listener trends.

Can I view Shazam data within the Apple Music for Artists partner view?

When someone wants to figure out the name of a song they’re listening to, they can use Shazam to identify it. Know what happens when someone Shazams your artist’s song and learn about the information it provides.

Learn about Shazam.

When is data available?

All data is shown in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) and refreshes daily. New release data can take 48 hours to display in your Apple Music for Artists dashboard.

How are multiple versions of the same song managed?

You may have delivered multiple versions of your artist’s music, such as remastered or radio edit versions. We aggregate this data into a single track grouping, which is why you will see one album or single cover art to represent the track group as a whole.


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