What is a primary artist?

A Primary artist is the main performing artist on a track or playlist. Every track or playlist must have at least one Primary artist. Groups of individuals, band names, ensembles, and orchestras can be Primary artists. Session musicians and other contributors should not be primary. 

Content providers assign the primary status in the metadata delivery to Apple. See more in the Apple Music Style Guide.

Primary artists have access to analytics for their music on Apple Music for Artists. For more information, visit Apple Music for Artists

How does my music end up on Apple Music and the iTunes Store?

After your content provider delivers your music, we create a primary artist page.

My music is on the wrong artist page, how can I fix this?

When you collaborate with multiple artists, it is possible for your music to appear on playlists associated with different artist pages.

If another artist’s music appears on your page in error, contact us to request a review. 

How can I upload an artist image to display on my Apple Music artist page?

Content providers, artists, and artist management teams can upload artist images via iTunes Connect or Apple Music for Artists.

To upload an image for an artist in iTunes Connect, you must meet these qualifications: 

  • Delivered content to Apple Music or the iTunes Store as a primary artist within the last 12 months
  • An artist cannot be claimed by multiple content providers. If you receive a warning message contact us
  • The manager cannot be assigned to another artist with the Image Manager role
  • Music must be available on Apple Music and on the iTunes Store

Content providers with an Image Manager, Admin, or Technical roles can: 

  1. Go to My Music in iTunes Connect.
  2. Search for the artist by name, album title, UPC, or Apple ID. 
  3. From the search results page, click the artist name (Image Managers do not need to perform this step, as they will see all their assigned artists on the Manage Assigned Artists page).
  4. Click Edit and choose a photo to upload (Photos must be squared, at least 2400 x 2400 pixels in size, and should not be upscaled). 

Note: If the artist has already uploaded an image via Apple Music for Artists, you will not be able to upload an image in iTunes Connect. Should you need the ability to update your artist's image, contact the artist directly for access.

For artists and artist management teams, refer to the Add an Artist Image article in Apple Music for Artists to learn more. 

What does “Assign Artist” mean?

Assigning an artist to an Image Manager means that a user has been given the authority to add Artist Images on behalf of that artist. Only the artist's official music provider can assign them to an Image Manager. 

As an Image Manager, you must have delivered the artists’ most recent album or at least one album during the previous 12 months. 

For information on how to assign artists an Image Manager, see the iTunes Store Image Guidelines

What are the requirements to upload artist images on Apple Music and the iTunes Store?

Apple strives to uphold the best quality when presenting your content on Apple Music and the iTunes Store. Artist images are required to uphold these values of excellent content. Only upload images that you hold the rights to legally share worldwide.

View iTunes Store Artist Image Guidelines to learn more about these requirements.


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