What are Tickets?

A ticket can either be created by providers or flagged by Apple Music during the quality review process. 

Admin and Technical roles can change metadata, cover art, and audio by creating tickets through iTunes Connect and Transporter. When you create a ticket, the Content Curation team will review the changes. If approved, your content will be available within 24 hours.

What kind of Tickets can a provider receive?

Type Overview
Metadata Used to make changes to most metadata for music and music videos.
Cover Art Used to update the current cover art for music and music videos.
Audio Used to replace audio for a track on an album.

What do the Ticket Status messages mean in iTunes Connect?

Approved: The corrections we received were reviewed and approved.

Your Action Needed: There is an issue that requires action from the content provider.

No Action Needed: There is an issue that requires content provider attention, which the provider has confirmed can not be actioned. Content with this ticket state will remain unavailable. 

Pending: The Ticket is being reviewed by Apple’s Content Curation team.

Denied: The Ticket was not approved by Content Curation and the delivery won’t be available on Apple Music and the iTunes Store.

Canceled: The ticketed issue is no longer relevant.

Saved for Later: The Ticket has been opened but no changes were submitted.

Do tickets impact the time it takes for my music to appear on Apple Music and the iTunes Store?

Yes. A ticket will result in your music being hidden until it is addressed and resolved by Apple.

How do I resolve Tickets?

If you receive an email about a Ticket, follow the link to address the changes requested. Alternatively, head to Tickets in iTunes Connect and search for specific ticket IDs.


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