How often is the Streams dashboard updated?

The Apple Music Streams dashboard updates every time a reporting time zone finishes. Apple Music uses three groups of time zones, resulting in an update up to three times a day.

Can I see all the streams that occur from playlists or am I limited to streams of my own content?

The playlist reporting in Sales and Trends pertains only to your content. We do not include content into the metrics that come from other content providers.

Are Apple Music and the iTunes Store sales reported to Soundscan or the official charts company in my country?

 Yes. All album and song streams and sales are reported.

Does Apple Music report Apple Music 1 streams?

Daily Apple Music usage reporting only includes on-demand content and does not include Apple Music 1. Apple Music 1 streams are reported in your monthly financial reports.

Why can’t I see streams or sales for a particular track or album?

Make sure you've accepted the latest agreements in Agreements, Tax, and Banking. If you've accepted the latest agreement, check the Pricing and Availability section and the status for your item on iTunes Connect. The item may not be available on the store. If you continue to have issues, let us know.

Does Apple Music report streams by audio format?

Excluding Apple Digital Masters audio, audio format (such as Lossless, Immersive, and Compressed Audio) will appear in Apple Music reporting within the Apple Music Summary Streams Reports, and the Music Analytics API.


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