Which users can access Payments and Financial Reports?

iTunes Connect users that are set up with either the Finance or Admin role can access Payments and Financial Reports on iTunes Connect and can also download financial reports.

How can I set up a new user to access Payments and Financial Reports?

You can create a new user in Users and Access on iTunes Connect. You must be an Admin user to create new accounts. iTunes Connect users with either the Admin or Finance role will be able to access Payments and Financial Reports.

Do I get notified when my financial report is on iTunes Connect?

Notification that a new financial report is available for download is emailed to iTunes Connect users who have elected to receive Financial Report Type notification emails for the corresponding territory.

Technical users can elect to receive these notifications, though they will not be able to access the reports unless they also have the Finance or Admin role.

How do I change or add the contact person to receive Financial Report notifications in iTunes Connect?

In Users and Access

  1. Click on the Apple ID of the user you wish to modify. 
  2. From the User Details page, click Notifications. 
  3. Next to the Financial Report notification type, click on the menu bar in the Settings column to make your changes. 
  4. Click Save.  

Note: All users can modify their notification selections in Users and Access but, only Admin users can make changes on behalf of another user. 


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