What are Price Tiers?

Price Tiers allow you to determine the wholesale price assigned to your albums, songs, and music videos on the iTunes Store, only.

What Price Tiers are available for albums, songs, and music videos?

Price tier availability is based on the most recent music agreement you've accepted. Price tiers are automatically assigned to albums, songs, and music videos delivered without a price tier.

To see the currency and wholesale price tier information for a territory, review the iTunes Package Music Specification.

When do Price Tier changes take effect?

Price tier changes for playlists (albums, EPs, and singles) take effect once processed by Apple, usually within 48 hours. 

Price tier changes for tracks take effect immediately on iTunes Connect and within 24 hours on iTunes.

You can also schedule a price tier change to go live on a specific day. This will go into effect as soon as possible on that scheduled date, based on that country or region’s time zone.

We cannot make exceptions for price tier availability.

What is the retail price for each Price Tier?

Apple establishes retail prices for each price tier in each territory at its sole discretion. To see the currency and wholesale price tier information for a territory, check out the iTunes Package Music Specification.

What if I submit content with an invalid Price Tier?

If you submit content with an invalid price tier, your album, song, or music video will be set to the designated default price tiers:

Content Type Default Tier
Album Mid/Front
Song Mid
Music Video Mid

For additional information, see the iTunes Package Music Specification.

Can the price of an album be more than the price of songs of purchased individually?

An album can only cost more than the sum of its songs when the album includes:

• Bonus materials (songs, music videos, or digital booklets) not included on the physical release of the album.
• Songs or music videos that aren't sold individually ("Album Only" content).

In all other scenarios, the release will remain hidden until the pricing discrepancy is addressed by a metadata update.

What is a multi-volume album?

Multi-volume albums have more than one disc when sold as a physical product and typically cost more than single-volume albums.

How is the price determined for multi-volume albums?

To determine the price of an album, we may multiply the retail price for the chosen Price Tier by the number of volumes. Royalty payments are based on the Price Tier multiplied by the number of discs.

Some songs on my album are not yet cleared for sale. Can I still upload them to Apple Music and the iTunes Store?

If a song on your album is not yet cleared for sale, you should still encode the track into iTunes Producer when creating your album but make sure to uncheck the "Cleared for Sale" box in the "Tracks" details section. 

Any tracks delivered as not cleared for sale will not appear in Apple Music or the iTunes Store. You can redeliver at a future date to mark these tracks as cleared for sale if you gain rights to sell them or reset clearance on iTunes Connect.

My music is available in the stores of some countries or regions, but not in others. What's wrong?

In order for your titles to appear on Apple Music and the iTunes Store, you must have:

  • An Agreement In Effect for that territory
  • The required banking, tax, and contact information
  • Territory Rights assigned for that specific country or region

To view the status of your agreements or request agreements for additional territories, go to Agreements, Tax, and Banking in iTunes Connect. 

Request territory rights for multiple items in Catalog Reports.

Visit My Music to add rights for territories or to request reports for single items.

How do I remove an album from Apple Music and the iTunes Store?

  1. Access the album from the My Music section of iTunes Connect.
  2. Inspect the album details.
  3. Click on Edit Rights and Pricing. 
  4. Uncheck all assigned territories from the Cleared for Sale column. 

The album will no longer be visible in Apple Music or available for purchase on the iTunes Store.


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