What are rights?

Rights govern the licensing and legal permission for the use and sale of music on Apple Music and the iTunes Store. Rights are set during the initial upload and can be updated at any time by modifying the metadata.

iTunes ProduceriTunes Connect, and Transporter can all be used to send metadata updates for clearances.

What is pricing?

You can set a wholesale price for playlists and tracks for every country or region where you have rights to sell your music. For rights and clearances, pricing is controlled during the initial upload and can be updated by metadata through iTunes ProduceriTunes Connect, or Transporter.

How do I update rights for my music in iTunes Connect?

To update clearances in iTunes Connect, you need Admin or Technical role privileges. iTunes Connect can also be used to adjust territory rights, wholesale prices, sales start dates, and Apple Music and the iTunes Store start dates. 

To set rights and clearances for your music in iTunes Connect:

  1. Go to My Music.
  2. Search for the album you wish to amend.
    Search by Artist Name, Artist ID, Album Title, UPC, EAN, JAN, Vendor ID, Apple ID, or Label name. Search for multiple albums by entering a comma-separated string of UPCs. Example: “123456789, 123456789, 123456789,”.
  3. If there are multiple results to choose from, click the magnifying glass icon in the View Album Details column.
  4. On the Album Details page, rights and pricing can be displayed or hidden. Above the Album Summary section, click “show” to display the Album Rights section.
  5. In the Album Rights section, click Edit Rights and Pricing and make your desired changes.
  6. Confirm that your changes are correct, and click Save.

Playlist and track-level changes appear immediately on iTunes Connect. Unless scheduled otherwise, allow up to 24 hours for the changes to appear on Apple Music and the iTunes Store.

What should I do if I lost my rights to sell my music via iTunes in the Cloud?

Contact us for assistance with disabling your content for re-downloading. 


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