How do I grant U.S. music publishing and lyrics rights to Apple Music and the iTunes Store?

The Apple license for Apple Music and the iTunes Store is hosted by the Harry Fox Agency. To grant U.S. music publishing and lyrics rights to Apple Music and the iTunes Store, visit Harry Fox to​ log in or sign up. The Harry Fox Agency agreements portal provides steps to grant music publishing and lyrics rights under the Apple Music Subscription, Lyrics, and Cloud Services License Agreement.

Is there a specific style or format that I should follow when submitting my lyrics?

Yes. Visit the Lyrics section of the Apple Music Style Guide for all requirements and guidelines on Apple Music and iTunes.

How do I submit my lyrics?

Distributors, encoding houses, and content providers can submit lyrics in the delivery process using iTunes Producer or Transporter. See Using iTunes Producer for Music for more information.

What are time-sync lyrics?

Time-sync lyrics make it easy to follow along with your favorite songs. 

Perfectly-timed lyrics appear in sync with the music, against a colorful and dynamic background, derived from album art. 

How do I submit time-sync lyrics?

Time-sync lyrics delivery is only available to Transporter users, using Timed Text Markup Language (TTML file format). For an overview of TTML, and to view an example XML delivery, see the iTunes Video and Audio Asset Guide.


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