What is metadata?

Metadata refers to a playlist’s title information, artists, genre, original release date, release date, and much more. Your music must be delivered with metadata to display correctly in Apple Music and the iTunes Store.

Why should I care about metadata?

Apple strives to present your music in a clean and accurate form. We know it takes effort to get it exactly right, but we hope you agree that the results are worth it, both for you and for your fans.

With that in mind, we created the Apple Music Style Guide to help you format your music, art, and metadata for the best listener experience and discovery.

What are some key pieces of metadata that I should consider when delivering my music?

Adhering to our guidelines will make it less likely that we have to return your music, music videos, and concert films to you for correction. This means it will get on Apple Music and iTunes—and available to your fans—more quickly. 

The most critical guidelines to consider when preparing your music for delivery are:

  • Artist names, artists roles, and formatting
  • Metadata and audio languages
  • Localizations and phonetics
  • Clean or explicit classification

The following kinds of music delivery may be rejected:

  • Misleading content
  • Soundalike artists or performers
  • Public domain content
  • Content with legal or rights issues

For more information, see the Apple Music Style Guide.


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