What is Spatial Audio?

Leaving stereo behind and entering the next dimension in sound, Spatial Audio is a revolutionary audio experience that enables artists to mix music, so the sound comes from all around and from above.

What is Lossless Audio?

Lossless refers to Lossless Compression, which makes file sizes smaller while preserving all of the data perfectly. Apple Music will be making our entire catalog available in Lossless Audio at different resolutions.

In Apple Music, Lossless refers to Lossless Audio up to 48 kHz, and Hi-Resolution Lossless refers to frequencies higher than 48 kHz and up to 192 kHz.

What is the difference between Spatial and Immersive Audio and Dolby Atmos?

How do I deliver music with Immersive Audio?

Immersive Audio can only be delivered through Transporter. For more information, view our Transporter User Guide, the iTunes Package Music Specification, and iTunes Video and Audio Asset Guide.

When delivering Immersive Audio, should I also deliver stereo?

Yes, we strongly suggest delivering both. To deliver only Dolby Atmos files, use the downmix flag found in the Immersive Track 2: Downmix to Stereo section of the iTunes Package Music Specification.

Can I deliver Immersive Audio if I don’t use Transporter?

At present, if you aren’t a Transporter user, you’ll need to use an encoding house or distributor.

Do I need to redeliver any content for it to be heard in Lossless Audio?

There is no need to redeliver any content, as all catalogs on Apple Music will be made available in Lossless Audio.

Can I redeliver audio for releases already live on Apple Music?

We suggest replacing audio under an existing UPC and Apple ID.

Can I update the secondary ISRC?

ISRCs must be unique across all recordings. The secondary ISRC is optional for your Immersive Audio recording. If you were to update the secondary ISRC, replacing Immersive Audio would be necessary.

Is Immersive Audio displayed in iTunes Connect?

Music delivered with Immersive Audio will be reflected in iTunes Connect with Dolby Atmos badging. Albums delivered with all Immersive Audio will see badging in Album Details, while tracks delivered with Immersive Audio will see the badge display at the track level.

Where can I find more information about Dolby Atmos Music enabled studios?

Visit Dolby’s website for a comprehensive list of the Dolby Atmos Music Studios near you. 

Can I work with an encoding house to deliver Immersive Audio?

After meeting our delivery requirements, work with your preferred encoding house to deliver your new Immersive Audio release to Apple Music.


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