There is a negative customer review on one of my pieces of content. Can I have it removed?

Apple believes in the rights of customers to express their opinions within Apple Music and the iTunes Store in an unbiased and unfiltered manner. We honor the rights of our customers to freely share their opinions on Apple Music and the iTunes Store as long as they do not impact the credibility and the customer experience of the greater community. Only in circumstantial situations will we remove a user review. This includes, but is not exclusive to, behavior we deem to be offensive or inappropriate, and inaccurate and/or falsified reviews.

How do I report music on Apple Music and the iTunes Store that infringes on my copyright, trademark, name rights, or likeness?

If you believe that music on Apple Music and the iTunes Store infringes your rights, submit a claim via the iTunes Content Dispute form.

Why isn't my music showing up in China?

Clearing your music and music videos for China doesn’t guarantee that they’ll be available on Apple Music. All music and music videos will be reviewed and approved before they’re made available in China.


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