Agreements, Tax, and Banking

Agreements, tax, and banking overview

The Agreements, Tax, and Banking section on iTunes Connect has everything you need to manage your agreements with Apple, set up banking so you can receive payments from Apple, and submit required tax forms. Users with the Admin, Finance, and Legal roles can access Agreements, Tax, and Banking, but only those with the Legal role can complete and accept agreements.

Agreements overview page

The Agreements tab lists all agreements, the countries and regions covered by each agreement, the status of each agreement, and effective dates. The Action column in the Agreements tab lists any outstanding tasks that you may need to complete for each of your agreements, such as setting up banking or tax information.

Agreements detail page

Click on any agreement in the Agreements tab to see more information about that agreement and set up banking and tax information. The Banking tab in Agreements, Tax, and Banking displays all active and previously submitted bank accounts but only allows limited editing of active bank accounts. To edit banking for an active agreement, click on the name of the agreement in the Type column. If you need to update your banking information and it has been more than 30 minutes since you signed in to iTunes Connect, you will be prompted to verify your identity again via two-factor authentication. The text will turn blue when your cursor hovers over it so you can click on the link. Scroll to the Bank Accounts section.

If you are using multiple bank accounts to receive payments, you may need to modify banking on multiple agreements to apply changes to all of the royalty currencies related to the banking update.

Account changes

Legal entity name changes

Legal entity name changes or other updates affecting the legal agreement signed between your entity and Apple must be addressed by our legal department. If your name has changed but your legal entity name has not, we do not require any further action. If your legal entity name has changed, your current agreement is still effective, but you’ll need to notify us of the name change.

Note: Legal entity name changes should not result in a new Tax ID being issued to your entity.

Mailing address updates

Contact the Apple legal team with your new mailing address to update your agreements.

When updating the legal entity address to request a new agreement, iTunes Connect verifies your legal entity address and makes updates as needed. If your address information is valid, these updates are generally details such as conforming street designation. For example, updating Dr for drive and St for street.

Changes to Doing Business As (DBA) name

Your music agreements should be entered under your legal entity name, not your DBA name. Unless your legal entity name has changed, a DBA name change actually has no impact on your iTunes Connect agreements.

The DBA name change may affect your tax forms. You can contact us to update your forms. If this impacts the label name that appears in Apple Music and the iTunes Store, you can change this by updating the P-Line on your content within My Music.

Company mergers

If both legal entities currently have agreements with Apple, and both have the rights to sell music on Apple Music and the iTunes Store, you do not need to take any further action.

Music that is managed by one entity will need Apple Music and iTunes Store agreements for both platforms. If the managing entity is not currently selling music on the iTunes Store, it will need to sign a Digital Music Distribution Agreement. If the managing label already has an iTunes Connect agreement, all of the acquired or merged entity’s titles should be redelivered under the managing entity. Apple does not support “switching” titles delivered under one legal entity’s account to the account of a different legal entity; the way to accomplish that is through redelivery.