Users and Notifications

Email notifications

Users can opt in to receive email notifications from iTunes Connect. We strongly recommend opting in to all notifications that are relevant to your role. If you’re an Admin, you can edit notifications for other users.

Updating notification preferences

Notification preferences can be managed by Admin users in the Users and Access section in iTunes Connect.

  1. In iTunes Connect, click Users and Access.
  2. Click on the Apple ID of the user whose notification settings you wish to modify.
  3. In the Notifications section, select the notifications and applicable territories.
Notification Type Description
Financial Reports Receive an email if your financial status changes.
Payments Receive an email if payments to your bank are returned.
Tax Invoices Receive an email if a new tax invoice becomes available or the status of your invoice changes.
Weekly Upload Reports Lists music uploaded to Apple Music and the iTunes Store during the week.
Pre-order Reports If there are missing assets from an XML pre-order delivery, users will receive this alert up to eight, five, and three days before the pre-order release date.
Content Receive an email to check the quality control status of your content.
Failed Upload Reports Lists all failed upload attempts to Apple Music and the iTunes Store.