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Music videos and concert films

Music isn’t just an auditory art form. Take your art to the next level by including music videos and concert films in your delivery. Enriching your delivery with visual content allows your audience to see further into your artistic vision.

Music videos

Learn about the various ways to deliver music videos and find the method that best fits your needs.

  • Music Video Single. Used for delivery and individual sale of one, standalone music video.
  • Mixed Media Album. An album that has both stereo audio and video content. It’s similar to an audio album in format, but requires additional tagging.
  • Music Video Album. Give your audiences an entirely visual album by delivering a whole album made of music videos. These do not include any audio tracks and must include crop dimensions in addition to being delivered in HD.

For complete details on music video deliveries, read the iTunes Video and Audio Asset Guide. To amend any metadata changes for music videos, visit the iTunes Connect Music Ticketing User Guide.

Concert films

Nothing beats fans seeing their favorite artists perform live, but sometimes that’s not always a possibility. Concert films give fans a front row ticket to the show right from the comfort of their living room.

The Film profile is used for the delivery of all types of film content, including concert films. Some basic delivery requirements for concert films are:

  • SDR or HDR source videos.
  • The minimum length for concert film previews is 30 seconds; the maximum is three minutes.
  • Should contain accurate product identifiers, general metadata, and include cast and crew members.
  • Sale of concert films is dependent on agreements. If you are unsure if you have an active agreement, contact your Technical Representative.

Learn more about the Basic Film Metadata Profile and Concert Film Profile in the iTunes Package Film Specification. Ensure your concert film follows these guidelines to avoid disruptions to your release.