Measuring Impact

Streams and sales

Measure your Apple Music streams and iTunes Store sales units, proceeds, and pre-orders in iTunes Connect. Streams and sales data refreshes and updates three times a day. As a default, both dashboards will display the past seven days. Visit the Sales and Trends Guide to view a wider range of your streams and sales data.

Download streams and sales data

Users with the Admin, Finance, Legal, or Sales roles with Reports access can download Sales and Trends reports.

  1. In iTunes Connect, click Sales and Trends.
  2. Click Sales and Trends Reports from the left menu.
  3. Locate the Report that you want to download. For example, Apple Music Summary Streams Reports or Apple Music Demographic Reports.
  4. Choose a vendor and date or report period. For example, Week or Month.
  5. Click Download.

To download your reports without using iTunes Connect, use our command-line tool, Reporter. Learn more in the iTunes Connect Sales and Trends Guide and Reporter User Guide.