March 15, 2021

New Apple Music Summary Streams Report features

The Apple Music Summary Streams Report now includes a new Reporter command, which better describes summarized reporting and new fields such as:

  • Device Type
  • Source of Stream
  • Container Sub-Type
  • Container ID
  • Container Name

Container ID and Container Name values will be visible only when that row has a minimum of 50 royalty-bearing streams.

If you use Reporter to automate report downloads, any impacted report will continue to run in parallel with new versions until the end of April 2021.

Updated commands are available below and in the Reporter User Guide.

Command-line example:

$ java -jar Reporter.jar m=Robot.XML Sales.getReport 80012345, amStreams, Summary, Daily, 20210301

  • Report Types: amStreams
  • Report Subtype: Summary
  • Date Types: Daily
  • Report Version: 1_0