Payments and Financial Reports

Reporting and tools to prevent stream manipulation

At Apple Music, we take stream manipulation seriously, and we believe everyone has a role to play to prevent it. By providing our content partners with the tools to monitor their content and take actions quickly, we can help create a fair and level playing field where success and growth are based on genuine listener activity.

To help monitor your content, you have access to a set of reporting tools designed to help you prevent stream manipulation. 

Stream Manipulation Adjustment Report

This report breaks down the Stream Manipulation Adjustment field found in your S2 financial report by content, subscription type, and storefront. You can start accessing the Stream Manipulation Adjustment Report via Reporter. See the iTunes Connect Payments and Financial Reports Guide for more information.

Additional stream manipulation reports and tools

  • Excluded Streams Reports now align with the cadence and date formatting of your Apple Music financial reports and the Stream Manipulation Adjustment Reports, so that they cover the same fiscal period. See the Endpoint Descriptions section of the Music Analytics API guide for more details.
  • S2 financial reports are accessible via Reporter and iTunes Connect. The Stream Manipulation Adjustment field of this report shows the amount of your total royalty payment that may be adjusted for the period due to stream manipulation. More information is available in the iTunes Connect Payments and Financial Reports Guide.
  • Flagged Streams Reports and In Review Content Reports are available on a daily basis, in addition to the updated reports above. Find this information in the Endpoint Descriptions section of the Music Analytics API guide.