Sales and Trends File Sizes

September 30, 2019

Apple is changing the file format and compression method of our largest reports. We will begin splitting files that are beyond an 8 million row threshold into smaller files so that no single file contains more than 8 million rows.

These files, once split, will be zipped into a single file to be delivered via the Sales and Trends Reports page and Reporter. 

Impacted Reports

Currently, these files are delivered with a .txt.gz format. For files that cross the 8 million row threshold, they will be split so that each file has less than or equal to 8 million rows. Each of these smaller files will retain the same .txt.gz format, but they will then be compressed into a single file and will use a .zip file format.

For files that are split, we will identify how many files complete the set along with the individual count per source file, in the format of [X-Z] where X represents the file number of the set and Z represents the total files contained. Any file that does not cross the threshold will not be split but will use the .zip file format and [X-Z] naming system. 

Example 1
A single Apple Music Detailed Streams report contains 20 million rows. Based on an 8 million row threshold, this file will be split into three files.

Existing file:

Future file:

File names after unzipping:

Example 2
A single Apple Music Detailed Streams report contains 7 million rows. Based on an 8 million row threshold, this file will not be split into multiple files but will remain the same.

Existing file:

File names after unzipping:

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