Apple Music Sales and Trends Updates

November 10, 2020

New City and State Province Fields
To further protect our users’ privacy, new “City” and “State Province” fields will replace “Postal Code” in all applicable streams and sales reports.

Streams reports are in a new Subscription Reference Report, and the “City” field will group several smaller cities to form a larger geographic area, similar to metropolitan areas.

  • City: The rolled-up city in which a transaction was reported to Apple.
  • State Province: The state or province of the city, used for disambiguation of cities with similar names.

If you use Reporter to automate report downloads, any impacted report will continue to run in parallel until November 14, 2020. Updated version commands will be available in the
Reporter User Guide.

New Subscription Reference Report
This new daily report for Apple Music will contain additional information about active subscriptions, including Masked User ID, City, State Province, and total royalty-bearing streams for listeners who streamed your content. 

This is supplemental to the Apple Music Detailed Streams report and can be joined together on Masked User ID, Storefront Name, and Membership Type and Mode. 

You can find more information about this new report in the iTunes Connect Sales and Trends Guide and the Reporter User Guide.

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