Changes to Apple Music Sales and Trends Reports

November 15, 2017

Apple Music reports have been updated to provide more data about your streams. These changes will impact report ingestion, and you may need to update your systems to take advantage of the new data.


Royalty Bearing Threshold Change

Starting November 15, 2017, Sales and Trends reports now reflect the new royalty bearing threshold of 30 seconds.


  • Reports for plays prior to this date do not reflect the updated threshold.
  • Financial reports introduced this threshold change beginning in Period 2 of Apple's fiscal calendar.


Report Versioning

To allow you to continue downloading reports while you update your systems, we've introduced report versioning. Starting February 7, 2018, you must specify a version number to download reports using Reporter.


For the current version for each report, see the Reporter User Guide. You can also now use getReportVersion to check for the latest version of any report.


Report Changes

The following reports have been updated. Specify version 1_1 in your Reporter command to download the new version of Apple Music Summary Streams, Apple Music Detail Streams, and Apple Music Content reports.


Apple Music Summary Streams Report. This was formerly named Apple Music Events Report.

  • Membership Partner has been added as a new field, located to the right of Membership Mode.
  • Ingest Datestamp field has been moved to the right of Datestamp.
  • Quantity field has been renamed to Streams.

Apple Music Detail Streams Report.

  • Ingest Timestamp has been added as a new field, located to the right of Ingest Datestamp.
  • Membership Partner has been added as a new field, located to the right of the Membership Mode.
  • The following existing columns have been moved to the right of Source of Stream: Container Type, Container Sub-Type, Container ID, Container Name in this order.
  • Media Duration has been removed from this report, and is now provided in the Apple Music Content Report.
  • Operating System now includes Sonos.

Apple Music Content Report.

  • Media Duration has been added as a new field, located to the right of Media Type.

For more information about each of the reports available, see the iTunes Connect Sales and Trends Guide.

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