Apple Music Financial Reports are Now Available

October 1, 2015

Your Apple Music Financial Reports are now available in Payments and Financial Reports on iTunes Connect. The reports contain the following two files:

  • Apple Music Cover Sheet helps you to get a quick overview of your total royalty amount for the period and a line-by-line breakdown of each royalty calculation.
  • Apple Music Financial Detail includes a detailed summary of the royalty-bearing plays of your content during the period, and the net royalty amount for each transaction. Use this report to see the royalty amount you’ll receive for individual songs or music videos.

Keep in mind that your financial reports for July only contain royalties for trial members, because all Apple Music members receive a three-month free trial. You’ll also only see a report if your content was available and had royalty-bearing plays from members in July. If your content was broadcast on Beats 1, we’ll include that in your first Beats 1 Royalty Report in November.

To learn more about the financial reports, check our Payments and Financial Reports User Guide.

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