Update to iTunes Package Music Specification

February 8, 2016

We've updated the iTunes Package Music Specification to Version 5.2 Revision 4. When delivering content, make sure to provide accurate songwriter information, as this is required and critical for royalty payments to publishers and songwriters.

  • You can use the following roles to designate the songwriter: <role>Composer</role>, <role>Lyricist</role>, or <role>Songwriter</role>.
  • Add as many songwriters/composers as needed for the track.
  • Update the information at any time. If you don’t have all of the information available at the time of initial delivery, send an update to add the missing information later.

Two new tags have been added to help provide better reporting and matching for sound recordings to musical works and owners.

  • Use the <publishers> block to indicate who owns the underlying work.
  • Use the International Standard Work Code tag <iswc> to identify the underlying musical work of a particular piece.

Read more in the iTunes Package Music Specification.

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