Common Reasons Content is Hidden

February 8, 2017

Content may be hidden from Apple Music or the iTunes Store if it does not meet the standards outlined in the Music Style Guide. Some of the most common reasons content is hidden are:

  • 1.6. Repeated Submissions. Don’t submit multiple copies of the same content and/or audio files, such as the same song with a slightly different title and/or artist.
  • 1.10. Excessive Quantity. Content may be hidden for editorial reasons if there are already too many versions of a song for sale. Products that are Mastered for iTunes will be prioritized over content that is not.
  • 1.11. Compilations. Compilations may be hidden for editorial reasons if they contain tracks that duplicate Mastered for iTunes tracks elsewhere in the store.
  • 9.8. Sound-a-likes. Sound-a-likes, or cover versions or tribute songs that sound very similar to the original, aren't accepted. Recordings that include a similar name, title, or image of a popular artist in the content title or cover art may be hidden for editorial reasons. This content may not actually violate copyright law, but they cause customer confusion.

When submitting music to Apple, make sure to keep these in mind. You can always identify content that has been hidden by downloading a catalog report.

For more information about metadata guidelines, see the Music Style Guide.

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