How to Create an Episode

You must have at least one episode in the RSS feed to submit your show to Apple Podcasts.

Episodes can be an audio recording, video recording, or text documents in M4A, MP3, MOV, MP4, M4V, or PDF file formats. Use tools such as GarageBand or Logic Pro X to record and edit episodes of your show.

While we accept both audio and video file types, long-form audio is significantly more popular than video. Streaming is an increasingly popular way to listen to podcasts and these smaller-sized audio files won't drain your listeners' mobile data plans. Even if the primary source recording is video, it may be worth the effort to convert it to audio.

Learn more about audio bit rate and loudness.

Episode types

Apple Podcasts supports three different episode types: 

  • Full (default): The complete content of your show. 
  • Trailer: A short, promotional piece of content that represents a preview of your current show.
  • Bonus: Extra content for your show (for example, behind-the-scenes information or interviews with the cast) or cross-promotional content for another show.

Define your podcast episodes within the <itunes:episodeType> tag in your RSS feed.

Tip: Consider creating a one- to two-minute trailer episode for your new podcast to pique interest by introducing the themes of your show and sample interviews.  

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