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Make it easy for your potential audience to discover, listen, and subscribe to your podcast. 

Marketing Tools helps you easily create links to lead users directly to your show and episodes. Use the custom link to your show on Apple Podcasts in all marketing communications, on social media, and on channels where your audience wants to learn more about your show.

You can further boost your own podcast marketing channels with embeddable players, personalized links, localized Listen on Apple Podcasts badges, and QR codes. To get started, simply search for your show or episodes.

Apple Podcasts embed player

The Apple Podcasts embed player offers a way to showcase your podcast on a website. Visitors can play an episode, browse recently published episodes, and open Apple Podcasts for iOS or macOS to learn more and subscribe for free.

Apple Podcasts embed players are available directly from the Apple Podcasts Preview pages on the web. Click the share button and “copy embed” is available for either a show or episode. Or use our Apple Podcasts Marketing Tools.


When a users clicks play, the embeddable player will progressively stream the episode from your hosting provider. Your hosting provider can report this event in the same way they report other streams of your show.

Plays from the Apple Podcasts web embed are not displayed in Podcasts Analytics.

Resize the player

The player will adjust to fit any space you need. The iframe has a clearly labeled width and height you can adjust to fit your website. There is a minimum height and width required to ensure the player visible for listeners.

Player Height Min Width Breakpoint Summary
Small Show Player 450 290   Small show player features the latest episode.
Large Show Player 450 290 425 Large show player has episodes list.
Small Episode Player 175 290   Small player features a single episode.
Large Episode Player 175 290 425 Large player has buttons below title but left of art.


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