How is Podcast Analytics data collected?

Apple only displays data from users who agreed to share their diagnostics and usage information — no personally identifiable customer information is shown. Data is aggregated and gathered from the following devices: 

  • Tunes 12.7, or later
  •  iOS 11, or later
  • watchOS 5, or later
  • macOS Catalina 

Your show must meet certain thresholds for data appear in Podcasts Analytics. 

  • More than five unique devices must play content from your show
  • Each unique device must play content for at least five seconds

Review system and account requirements.

How many people are listening to my show?

Podcast Analytics displays the total number of unique devices that listened to your show or episodes. 

You could also obtain download information from your hosting provider. Contact your server administrator or web host for details on configuring Podcast Analytics. Many Apple Podcast Hosting Partners provide reporting.

How do I know that users are listening to my show?

If users stop listening to a show for a while, Apple Podcasts might pause their subscriptions.

Episode auto-downloading stops 15 days after a user last views that show or plays an episode on any device the user is signed into. Episode auto-downloading also stops after 5 new episodes are unplayed on a single device.

iTunes for Mac and PC also has protections against unwanted downloads. After 15 days and 5 unplayed new episodes, new podcast episodes stop auto-downloading. After 45 days, the podcast metadata stops updating.

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