Promotional Feature Requests

Apple Podcasts editors routinely feature compelling podcasts that consistently post new episodes to help users find new favorites. Although promotion isn’t guaranteed and is solely at the discretion of Apple, include the following elements in your podcast to give your show a better chance of being featured:

  • A clear and complete author listing
  • A robust and accurate description of your podcast and all related episodes
  • Accurate and relevant metadata, including language, category, and parental advisory
  • Attractive, original artwork in, ideally, a 3000 x 3000 pixel JPEG or PNG artwork file

If you’re launching a unique podcast or releasing an interesting new season or episode, we want to know about it. Submit an Apple Podcasts Promotion Request with at least two weeks of lead time.

Let us know what's exciting about this release and any other important information. If this release ties in with a holiday or specific event, provide details.

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