Review Process

After you successfully validate your podcast RSS feed, submit it for review. This process may take up to five business days. We’ll send you an email when the status of your podcast is updated. You can also monitor the status in Podcasts Connect.

Typically, new podcasts go live within 24 hours after they're approved. If you don’t want your show to be visible on Apple Podcasts until a specific date, select Hide Podcast in Podcasts Connect after submitting it for review — this action will not impact or delay the feed’s review process. 

When you are ready, select Unhide Podcast and allow up to 24 hours for the change to take effect. Learn more about hiding or unhiding your podcast

Approved podcasts

If your podcast is approved, we’ll send you a confirmation email with a link to your podcast. Your show will become searchable on Apple Podcasts within 24 hours. 

Rejected podcasts

To avoid issues with the review process, be sure to follow our show requirements and artwork requirements. If your show isn’t approved, you can usually correct the issue and resubmit your podcast RSS feed for review again. 

Avoid these common issues that cause podcasts to be rejected:

  • Including placeholder or default text from your hosting provider 
    <description>New podcast weblog</description>
    <description>Cover art photo provided by [name]</description>
    <description>Description goes here</description>
    <description>Podcast by [author name]</description>
  • Repeating verbatim the podcast title or author name in the description 
    <title>The Very Hungry Tourists</title>
    <itunes:author>Dr. María Sánchez and John Appleseed</itunes:author>
    <description>The Very Hungry Tourists by Dr. María Sánchez and John Appleseed</description>
  • Incorporating irrelevant or spam metadata
    <title>The Very Hungry Tourists | Travel | Explore | Learn</title>
    <itunes:author>Dr. María Sánchez, coach and travel enthusiast</itunes:author>
  • Including episode numbers in show titles 
    <title>The Very Hungry Tourists Ep. 01</title>
  • Inaccurate podcast language
    The language spoken on the podcast must match the language specified on the RSS feed as defined by the <language> tag.

Resubmit a podcast RSS feed

There may be times when you want to resubmit your podcast RSS feed. For example, if our system repeatedly fails to connect with your RSS feed URL or with any of the assets within it, our system will automatically remove the podcast. In this scenario, your show will display an Error status.

You can use Podcasts Connect to resubmit the feed after you've resolved the technical issue. Remember to validate your feed to identify any possible issues. Your hosting provider should be able to assist you in correcting any issues found.

You may also want to resubmit your podcast RSS feed if it initially fails our review process. In this scenario, your podcast will display a Failed Review or Rejected status. Simply fix the issue, if applicable, and resubmit the RSS feed.

Submit as a new podcast

If your podcast was removed for a concern type that doesn’t allow you to resubmit the podcast, Podcasts Connect dims the podcast in the dashboard and you can’t delete it. Instead, you must fix the issue, change the RSS feed URL, and submit it as a new podcast.

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