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First, brainstorm an idea. Ask yourself: What do I want to talk about? What do I want to share with the world? What do I want my listeners to get out of my podcast? 

After choosing an idea, research other podcasts. Are there other shows that have similar subject matter? Determine what those shows are doing well, what they could improve, and how your show will be different. This research will help you refine your concept and ultimately make a better podcast.

After determining the purpose of your content, create an identity that communicates the tone and subject matter of your podcast. Having a brief about your podcast is a great way to share the vision of your show. A brief contains short, high-level details that have the following elements: 

  • Podcast title
  • Host
  • Host bio
  • Description
  • Context 
  • Business objective
  • Target audience
  • Duration and frequency
  • Launch date


What’s in it for your listeners? Will your podcast educate them on a complex topic? Inspire change in their world? Provide some much needed comic relief?

Be prepared to share what your podcast is and why listeners should care.


Your show needs to be easy to find, especially for anyone new to podcasts. Use the Apple brand to your advantage. For guidance on how to promote your podcast visit the Development section on Podcast Marketing Best Practices.


Creating a marketing plan is the best way to ensure you’re not merely trusting that people will find your show. Identifying who your audience is, how you’re going to reach them, and ways Apple can help all go into your plan.

Review Podcast Marketing Best Practices for more on marketing fundamentals, visual presentation, and audience development. Get links, “Listen on Apple Podcasts” badges, QR codes, and other helpful tools to market your show in Marketing Tools.

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