Troubleshoot Podcast Availability

New shows become searchable on Apple Podcasts within 24 hours after approval. If you can’t find your show, review its status in My Podcasts in Podcasts Connect.

New episodes

Apple routinely checks each podcast RSS feed to detect new episodes and any metadata or artwork changes. Our system will display these changes on Apple Podcasts within 24 hours after detecting them. You don’t need to perform additional actions in Podcasts Connect as it’s all handled by your hosting provider. 

My Podcasts displays the time and date when each show was last refreshed. Learn more about refreshing podcasts in Podcasts Connect.

If new episodes don’t appear on Apple Podcasts within 24 hours after publishing them on your feed, try the following:

  • Check the show’s status in Podcasts Connect to determine if there are any warnings or errors.
  • Confirm the missing episodes don’t include an <itunes:block> tag.
  • Manually test the feed to confirm it works.
  • Ensure the missing episodes don’t include duplicate GUIDs or <enclosure> tags as Apple Podcasts will ignore the duplicates.

RSS feed issues

Apple removes podcasts that are experiencing technical problems or do not have any episodes.

If our system repeatedly fails to connect with your RSS feed URL or with any of the assets within it, our system will automatically remove the podcast. In this scenario, your show will display an Error status. You can use Podcasts Connect to resubmit the feed after you’ve resolved the technical issue. Remember to validate your feed to identify any possible issues. Your hosting provider should be able to assist you in correcting any issues found.

Artwork changes

If your podcast artwork doesn’t update, learn how to troubleshoot artwork changes.

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